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It has been a fascinating few months in the Business Intelligence space, with consolidation being one of the key drivers. We have seen the big beasts move in to occupy the space – Google have acquired Looker (in our opinion the most interesting deal), SalesForce have acquired Tableau, Microsoft already have PowerBI. In short we are seeing the sort of moves you would expect given the size of the market over the next few years and the sort of growth most industry insiders know is coming. Check out the link above to get a detailed and well written analysis of the deals and its ramifications.

However what we are interested in is exploring is where the industry is headed and what the future holds. We have our own views on the subject, and of course they are highly opinionated, as you might expect. After all we would not be doing what we are doing if we did not have strong views on the topic!

The title of this post says it all really. The industry is talking about Business Intelligence still when the game has moved on. We are well past the days when customers just wanted to have a tool that gave people pretty reports and charts which they could stick in front of their senior management. The new breed of users are a very different animal. They demand more – more functionality, more power, more ease of use, more charts… well pretty much just more everything.

PyCell – Beyond Conventional Business Intelligence

But really the big change we have seen is that people want better insights. It’s no longer about a simple management report that is produced day in day out as a tick box exercise. The requirement now is to be able to adapt and be flexible. This means being flexible about EVERYTHING. From data sources to the type of analysis. This is where the traditional tools really wont cut it. Simply because they were designed with a very different paradigm and use case in mind. As much as everyone loves Tableau, it’s still a fairly inflexible tool. Sure its great for reports and gives you pretty charts. Its also very easy to use and gives you the ability to have a self-service within your organisation. However for anything requiring true insights, Tableau falls short. In short, its great for getting the same report day in day out to your management, but it’s not that useful for getting new insights and true data analysis and data science. And thats really the crux of the argument here and the premise on which PyCell is built from the ground up. We are a true hybrid Data Science / Data Analysis platform that takes you beyond the traditional Business Intelligence Use cases.

Our founding team is made up up people who have a rich experience in enterprise grade data & business intelligence platforms. Our philosophy has been formed by seeing what can be done and just as importantly what should not be done! We have used this rich experience to build from the ground up with a laser sharp focus on the things we know our customers want and need. We believe passionately in a few things that have driven how we have built the platform:

  • Cloud Native
  • Flexibility
  • Modular
  • Python

There are blogs focusing on each of these topics in more detail, so feel free to click through and learn more. This flexibility and the fresh approach is what makes PyCell unique and different. We give you the ability to connect to your data sources (be it on cloud or on-premise), transform and enrich the data, followed by high performance analysis – from tabular tables to pivoting to rich charting.

PyCell – The New Frontier

More importantly we are also leveraging AI / ML to really add value. This means we can help you from the start tot he end of the process, from cleaning up your data to make it ready for analysis, to doing more interesting analysis. We will help you get the datasets ready for more interesting and useful analysis – we have advanced algos that will automatically suggest categorisations for you – we call these Smart Columns. Another area we are looking at and we think will be of huge value to our clients is Robotic Process Automation or RPA. This will allow you to prepare your data and automate those boring mundane tasks that cost you time and money, but really should be easy to automate and save costs! We will be launching PyBot as part of our suite which should help you do anything from get data from PDFs to scanned docs to attesting to a process for regulatory purposes. We just want you to be able to focus on the value add stuff and leave the boring repetitive stuff to the bots!